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Select a separator, enter the numbers whose average you want to calculate with this character separated from each other and then click "Calculate".

Average / mean value

The average, or mean, has many applications. For example, the average grade in school, the average age of a group of people or the average salary of a professional group. All these averages are calculated in the same way. What is meant here is the arithmetic mean, the simplest of all mean values. In addition to the arithmetic mean or the average as it is generally known, there are other mean values that are calculated in a different way.

How to calculate an average?

The arithmetic mean is calculated by adding all the individual values together and dividing by the number of values. This is basically all and for a few small values quickly calculated with any calculator. Therefore, our online calculator is able to calculate the average of very large data sets. Separated by a space or a semicolon, you can enter almost any number of numbers and calculate the average from them.

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