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Divider set - what is it?

The divider set of a natural number contains all numbers by which this number is divisible without remainder. Prime numbers have exactly two dividers. For the sake of clarity, divider sets are usually given in order, i.e. in ascending order from the smallest to the largest divider.

The smallest divider multiplied by the largest gives the number under study, and so does the product of the second smallest divider by the second largest, and so on. These pairs of dividers are called complementary dividers.

How to determine the divider set?

To determine the divider set, one division of the examined number by the next possible divider is carried out in ascending order one after the other. If the examined number is divisible by the possible divider without remainder, it belongs to the divider set of the examined number. If it is not, it does not belong to the divider set.

In both cases, the possible divider is then increased by 1. This is repeated as long as the possible divider is less than or equal to the examined number.

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