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Ohm's Law - What does it mean?

Ohm's law is a simple physics formula that describes how the electrical units of voltage (volts), current (amperes), resistance (ohms) and, in an extended sense by Joule's law, power (watts) relate to each other.

With our online calculator, you can have each of these units calculated by entering 2 values and clicking "Calculate".

"Ohm calculator" for e-cigarettes

If you wind the vaporizer coils for your e-cigarette yourself, you will not be able to avoid calculating some of these values. After winding the coil, you can determine the resistance of your coil with the help of an ohmmeter and read at least one of the other values from your battery carrier to then calculate the rest.
This is important to determine whether the battery carrier and / or the battery used are designed for a coil with the respective resistance and do not take damage when you fire the coil with it.
In other words, you can also calculate before winding the coil which resistance the coil may have at least or at most to be able to be used with the respective battery / battery.

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